If anyone's interested, I'm running a Commando Run trip this Sunday (Vail Pass to Vail Village--or Lionshead) with an optional camp Sat night.  It's in the T&T activity schedule under the Gore Range Group.  As usual, prepare for a long day.

 During last year's trip, we only made it to the end of Lime Creek Rd. due to the new 16" on the ground (that's fine with me if it happens again!).

In other news, on a ski up Dead Dog Trail (east of New York Mtn. in the Swatch Range) last Sunday I saw the coolest thing.  After leaving the packed trail near the top of the ridge into another meadow, I heard the WOOMPH (several seconds long)!  I looked up the 3 to 6 degree slope and saw what looked like a mini tidal wave traveling away from me.  The snow settled between 3 to 5 inches and continued to travel up the slope until it reached the trees 75-100 feet away...Heard it many times, but never seen it before.

On the way down through the same meadow later in the day, I heard at least a dozen more woomphs exactly every 3 ski lengths apart.