Over the last several years–as many of my friends know–I have developed a problematic drug habit.  During the hot, summer months of the year, I will go into serious withdrawal.  I will experience night sweats (hey... in the summer, it doesn't get cool at night anymore), and my mind will shut down at the thought of another week of temperatures in the 90s.  I will escape the heat of the valley by heading high into the mountains whenever possible.  Now, I have traveled over 5,000 miles to get my fix! The drug in question is a white, crystalline substance, consisting of two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen.  The drug is Snow.
Skiing Farellones, Chile (John Hussey's (my winter roommate) other winter residence) 9/8 - 9/22
This is the first time I've been south of Durango, Colorado!
After arriving in Santiago on Thursday, John and I hit the el Jumbo grocery store (almost twice the size of a Wal-Mart Supercenter) and then headed up the road (only one and a half lanes wide in many places)  to Farellones.  We were going to hit the slopes for a couple runs that afternoon, but the afternoon low level clouds started to roll in, so we headed to KL—the local après ski hangout at the base of el Colorado.

The weather on Friday was moderate to heavy snow (zero visibility on the mountain) so we headed over to el Montañes (a block away from John's place, with half the US Snowboard Team there) to hear the local Nachos Band play some rock and roll.

Saturday 9/10:  After two days of waiting... 2½ feet new snow, and still snowing! We were up at the lifts at 8:30 with only two people ahead of us.

Sunday:  1½ feet more new snow!

Monday:  Valle Nevado

Tuesday:  Down to Santiago

Wednesday:  el Colorado - John's Master's race training day

Thursday:  la Parva

Friday:  Valle Nevado - Slept under the stars atop Tres Puntas 3670m (12,041 ft.) last night.

Saturday:  La Parva - FIS Masters World Cup GS (First time ever held in South America).  Performing course maintenance duties.  Awards Ceremony

Sunday: Skinned up from el Colorado base area to Falsa Parva and down la Chimenea.

Monday:  Valle Nevado

Tuesday:  Down to Santiago

Wednesday/Thursday morning: la Parva / Valle Nevado