Colorado Trail Thru-Hike:  Denver to Tennessee Pass: August, 1998        Tennessee Pass to Durango: August, 2002

Yeah, I wish I had written up some journals from this trek.

Somewhere near Buffalo Creek
On the Ten Mile range near Copper Mountain
Sunset at the top of Guller Creek / Searle Pass
Alpenglow below Mt. Yale
Sunset at Long Branch Baldy near Monarch Pass
Above Elk Creek. The drought of 2002 made it look like the surface of the moon

When I got back on the trail in 2002, less than a week after being laid off from my job, Colorado was having its worst drought in hundreds of years.  Despite that fact, finding water was never a problem.

Creede Fire Department
Camping on the summit of San Louis Peak, 14,014 feet
Resupplied and ready to go with four days of food in Silverton
Camping on Indian Ridge near Durango
Foxtrot (also from the AT Class of 1997!)
Les and Spencer. Met them near Creede, and we finished the trail together.

All Photos Copyrightę 2005 Andrew Linger