ou're interested in finding a home in the Vail Valley.  Let me help you uncover any potential problems or issues that may exist before you buy.

Homebuyers typically turn to me to evaluate what may be the biggest investment of their lifetime.  My inspections give buyers a clear, objective analysis of the property they are purchasing.  They will also identify defects and deficiencies as well as problems that may create health and safety hazards.  Of course, a home inspection also points out the positive aspects of a home, as well as the maintenance that will be necessary to keep it in good shape.  After the inspection, you will have a much clearer understanding of the property you are about to purchase!

I also have sellers turn to me for added credibility.  An inspection may reveal previously unknown defects and deficiencies that are easy and inexpensive to repair.  Taking a proactive approach in selling your property should minimize objections from buyers, ensuring a smoother and quicker closing.

Which items are examined?

How should I prepare for the inspection?

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Virtually every house has its secrets—foundation settling, clogged venting, and water penetration issues.  My full inspection, which typically takes 2-8 hours (depending on the size and age of the property) will find these problems.  You are welcome to accompany me through the entire inspection, or you can join me for the last hour to walk through the home for a summary of property concerns, and learn the location and operation of controls and equipment.  A thorough and fully documented inspection by a qualified inspector costs just a small fraction of the purchase price, and may be the least expensive education you can buy.


My Education and Qualifications:

 I have nearly a decade of experience in construction safety, inspections, and maintenance.  My comprehensive inspections meet or exceed ASHI Standards.

ü University of Wisconsin—Whitewater, Occupational Safety BSE

ü Eagle Valley Homebuilders Association Safety Committee member (we provide free safety seminars to the community on a monthly basis)

ü American Society of Safety Engineers Member

ü Specialized training in Home Inspection through the only accredited Home Inspection School - Inspection Training Associates

ü I served as safety manager for a roofing company for four years until the economic slump in 2002, performing inspections on all types of residential and commercial structures.

ü I also worked for a well known disaster restoration company dealing with residential and commercial disaster issues, including floods, mold issues, and fire damage.  Also taken courses in  IICRC Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration.

My Standards:

For Professionalism, my company is completely independent.  The inspections are conducted with only your interests in mind, and my business practices are guided by the ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.  My Inspections are conducted with the greatest attention to detail.  I am representing the house that is For Sale and I want you the buyer or the broker to know the exact condition of the house.  I don't receive commissions from any real estate broker or agent, nor do I contract for any repairs that may be recommended.  I am available on weekends, and AGL will be with you all the way, from your first phone call to the delivery of your final inspection report.

Is your Closing day closing in?

Please contact me at:

Phone: (970) 471-xxxx

Email: andy@aglhome.com

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Avon, CO  81620

What Information do I need before setting up the inspection?

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