Beaver Creek to Beaver Lake with the dog 11/5
VMRG lost hunter on Derby Mesa 11/6

Pumphouse to State Bridge (we paddled in the snow Sunday, and saw four Bald Eagles!).  Sorry, no pics—didn't want to get the camera wet  11/29 - 11/30

Exploring Dotsero Crater, rock climbing/rappelling near Redcliff, and biking up the side of Battle Mountain  10/22 - 10/23

VMRG Helo Ops Training (Flight for Life)  10/15                  Avon to Red Sandstone Rd. to Lost Lake, down Buffehr Creek and back to Avon  10/16

Vail Valley Charitable Fund - 2006 Vail UnDressed Calendar. The UnVailing Ceremony  10/12  Yeah, the shot (back in March) was cold!

Avon to East Vail to Two Elk Trail to Minturn and back home  10/8

The largest wilderness search in state history:
Over 310 volunteers, 4300 man-hours, and 35 agencies involved today - 250 searchers were in the field, and 50 were providing command and operations support, shuttle services, and meal preparation.  10/1
VMRG Edwards equipment cache - End of the first full day of missing Mt. Holy Cross hiker  9/25

Skiing South America - Farellones, Chile (el Colorado, la Parva, & Valle Nevado) 9/8 - 9/22   Click Here
Over the last several years–as many of my friends know–I have developed a problematic drug habit.  During the hot, summer months of the year, I will go into serious withdrawal.  I will experience night sweats (hey... in the summer, it doesn't get cool at night anymore), and my mind will shut down at the thought of another week of temperatures in the 90s.  I will escape the heat of the valley by heading high into the mountains whenever possible.  Now, I have traveled over 5,000 miles to get my fix! The drug in question is a white, crystalline substance, consisting of two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen.  The drug is Snow.

La Plata Peak  9/3 - 9/4

TAG Trail work day on Booth Falls Trail (check dam & waterbar construction--to be exact)    Plumeless/Musk Thistle noxious weed removal
I'll do trail work any day, it feels great to give back to the community!  8/13

Emerald, Iowa, and Missouri Peaks  8/6.    Visiting my CDTA Adapt-a-Trail section: Continental Divide National Scenic Trail - Winfield to the Divide  8/7

Avon to Basalt via West Cross Creek & Carter Lake Trail to Henderson Park Trailhead  7/29 - 7/31  Left home at 9:30pm Fri night and reached camp at 12:40am. Ughh... but a little after nightfall heard the calls of two coyotes yelping and howling at each other a little ways above me.  Closer to camp, I heard dozens (at least) of elk elk mewing everywhere ahead of me, and their hooves clattering across the surface of rocks as they disappeared into the darkness.


Finally! First summer backpack of the year, with the usual fifteen pound pack.  7/22 - 7/24
Avon to Turquoise Lake to Grouse Mtn to Cross Creek to Fancy Pass to Holy Cross City to Fall Creek Pass to summit of Mt Whitney to Fall Creek to Tigiwon Rd.  Hitched a ride back home in less than twenty minutes.


Castle Peak (Eagle County)  7/17

Ahhhh, finally... Back in the air again!  Getting to see the whole family for the first time in over a year (not to mention Summerfest)

Avon to Wildridge to Red & White Mtn. and down Berry Creek  6/25 - 6/26

2005 MRA International Workshop & Conference  6/14 - 6/19

Dolores River Kayak Trip  5/30 - 6/3

It's Summer Again  Otis Peak viewed from Snowslide Peak

Summer 2005 Click here for the solution to hot, dry summers (my roommate's website during our summers)




Winter 2004-2005


uring late October (and now early November), it seems as though my mind has slowed down and burned out to the point of being virtually useless.  I doubt completely my ability to do anything well.  When I look out my window towards the snowless hillside, my hands start to quiver when I see the warm weather and brown grass outside in November.  My endorphin levels drop to near zero.  I hear: The only known way to prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder is to live in a warm, southerly climate.  That would absolutely kill me.
The solution? Join a support group with other similarly affected people during the three snowless months of the year. Click here or here for more info.

Rattlesnake Canyon 11/6-11/7

The Commando Run 11/13-11/14

11/20-11/21 in the Sawatch Range

The end of the Vail Village Inn & Club Chelsea's last location  11/

11/25 Thanksgiving day excursion

Course Maintenance volunteer - Birds of Prey World Cup course 11/28-12/5

Eiseman Hut Adventure 12/11-12/12

Skiing Vail Pass 12/19

Snowcave construction 12/26

New Year's Ski Escapade - Vail to Vail Pass to Uneva Bowl 12/31 - 1/2

Camping to get first tracks 1/6/05

Snowcave camping at 11,650 feet in 35-45 mph winds 1/8/05

McCoy Park to Dowd Junction Adventure 1/14 - 1/16

Commando Run - Lunch at Top of the World 1/23

Hidden Treasure Yurt 1/29 - 1/31

Snowcave camp & ski  2/7 - 2/8

West Lake Creek to the summit of New York Mountain  2/11 - 2/14

Spraddle Creek to Bald Mtn  2/18 - 2/20

Skiin' with the parents  2/27

S. Willow Cr (Buffalo Mtn) Adventure  3/12 - 3/13

Sunrise from 11,600 feet snowcave camping  3/22

Snowcave building during sunset  3/29

Skiing Current Creek  4/2

Berthoud Pass to Winter Park ski tour  4/2 - 4/3        Camping on Twin Cones at 12,000 feet

Company party - Playing Golf for the second time in my life  4/12

Vail's closing day; off the mountain by 11:15pm  4/17

Dead Dog Trail to Snowslide Peak  4/22 - 4/24  Otis Peak and 15-25 ft. high snowdrifts, Sunset/moonrise(Grouse Mtn), sunrise(Gore Range-Grand Traverse)

Bivy at 11,500ft and ski Peregrine; 1½-2½ feet new snow in two days. Welcome to May!  4/30 - 5/1

Snowcave camp & ski.  25º & 30mph winds 11,600 ft.  5/7-5/8

Old Chair 11 (Larkspur) gone!

Whiteout above Spruce Saddle

Maintenance facility almost gone

Mt Jackson 13,670 ft - Spring ski mountaineering doesn't get much better than this (and less than a two day ski up from my condo)  5/13 - 5/15

Lionshead Clocktower -  Going... Going... Gone!  5/18   I could care less about the clock... It was sad seeing the Kaltenberg Castle go.


A few of last winter's adventures:

Torrey's Peak (14,267 feet) the morning after sleeping under the stars on the summit, with the emergency snow hole in case of bad weather

2003-2004 Articles from the BC Listserv:
Commando Run: Vail Pass to Vail (above -whiteout on China Wall)
Dead Dog Trail

Denali at 20,000 feet

Somewhere near Vail Pass

Skiing from the summit of Mt. Antero

After a great ski day on Independence Pass

I'm patiently waiting... Get rid of the skins and go electronic!
How About first chair at Loveland? October 1998 http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1P1-17829696.html?docid=1G1:67564190&refid=ink_puballtnews&skeyword=&teaser=

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